Donation Requests

The University of Akron Department of Athletics Donation Policy.

Donation Request Form

The following guidelines govern all donation requests for tickets, apparel and/or memorabilia and autographed items. A qualified organization is defined as a non-profit entity with particular emphasis on serving youth located within a 30 mile radius of The University of Akron. We cannot accept requests from any high school affiliated organization.


All inquiries must be made on the requesting organization's letterhead and sent to External Relations at least three weeks prior to the designated event. No requests will be accepted over the phone or by a third party. The letter must include the target group, the purpose of the event and detail on how the donated item will be distributed.


Please mail or fax the request along with the donation request form to:


Athletic External Relations

Donation Request

JAR, Suite 83

Akron, OH 44325-5201


Or fax to 330-374-8844 (Attn: Donation Request)



We can not accept request for athletic apparel items such as sweatshirts, baseball caps and jerseys. All memorabilia and autographed items including those for non-profit/charitable purposes should be procured by contacting the Akron External Relations at (330)972-7468. Student-athlete autographed items are prohibited, per Akron Athletics Compliance.