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Akron TicketExchange by Ticketmaster offers season ticket holders and fans an official and secure forum for selling and buying tickets online, and gives season ticket holders a stake in the thriving secondary market.

The total integration of TicketExchange with Your Akron Zips Athletics Account at GoZips.com provides season ticket holders with a seamless solution for selling their seats online to other fans.

Maximize the Use of Your Season Tickets

Post them for Sale with TicketExchange through your UA Athletics Account

Can’t make it to a game? Need to sell your seats to another University of Akron fan?

Now you can use TicketExchange through Your UA Athletics Account at GoZips.com to sell your season tickets anonymously to other fans. TicketExchange utilizes Ticketmaster’s secure online selling service.

To sell your season tickets to any game quickly and easily:

  1. Simply visit Your UA Athletics Account at GoZips.com, log into your personal account using your account ID and password (if you do not know your password please call 888-99-AKRON (25766)) and click on TicketExchange.
  2. Highlight the game and tickets you wish to sell.
  3. Choose the selling price (face value or above) and the expiration date of the tickets you wish to sell. You’ll be informed of your listing status via an automatic email notification system.
  4. Post and remove your tickets for sale quickly, easily and securely.

If your tickets are sold, the buyer will receive your tickets instantly by email. The buyer can print the tickets and use them for admittance to the UA venue. Your original tickets become void (the bar codes on those tickets get canceled and will not be accepted at theUA  venue).

The payment for your tickets is automatically applied to your season ticket account and remains there as a non-refundable deposit toward the following year’s season tickets. You may also use this credit for tickets to any UA event to any regular season home UA Athletics event. Account credit must be used by June 30, 2015.

10 reasons to Use Ticket Exchange at GoZips.com

  1. Protect yourself and your ticket buyers with a safe and secure source for selling and buying legitimate University of Akron tickets in the secondary market.
  2. The fast and seamless sale and delivery of your tickets - you don’t have to mail tickets and you never have to collect payments.
  3. Reach hundreds of thousands of fans nationwide who visit gozips.com and Ticketmaster.com for information and to buy tickets.
  4. Market to thousands of fans who are willing to pay top dollar for your seats.
  5. Maintain control of your tickets by setting TicketExchange posting parameters.
  6. Assure that you have complete anonymity when selling your tickets.
  7. Comply with all state, local and team regulations regarding the sale of tickets.
  8. All buyers and sellers have assurance that they will be “made whole” if an event is ever cancelled, and all tickets bought and sold through TicketExchange are guaranteed to be valid with bar coding technology.
  9. Tickets can be sold at face value or above to maximize the return on your investment.
  10. All money from tickets you sell is immediately and conveniently placed into your account as a non-refundable deposit toward other UA Events.