What is a Zip?

One of the unique nicknames in all of intercollegiate athletics belongs to The University of Akron.   

Originally Zippers, athletic director Kenneth “Red” Cochrane officially shortened the nickname to the Zips in 1950. Twenty-five years earlier a campus-wide contest had been conducted to choose a nickname for The University’s athletics teams.    

Suggestions submitted by students, faculty, and alumni included Golden Blue Devils, Tip Toppers, Rubbernecks, Hillbillies, Kangaroos and Cheveliers.    

The winner, freshman Margaret Hamlin, received a prize of $10 for Zippers, a $6 pair of rubber overshoes and a brand name of the BF Goodrich Company.  

The evolution of Zippy, UA’s mascot, began when the student council decided the University needed a mascot.   

“Zippy” the kangaroo was officially declared the school’s mascot on May 1, 1953.

In 2007, Zippy was named the Capital One National Mascot of the Year.